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Saturday, January 07, 2006
New Year, New Post

Hello friends,

It's been a very long time. Too long, really. There are a number of reasons for my recent silence, and some of them are even good!

I'm writing this during a break from class. It's my second quarter of MBA work, and this morning I've got statistics. Microeconomics this afternoon. Taking all this stuff... well, not statistics so much since I took it just last year, but the rest is curious. In some ways it takes me back to being an undergraduate, but more often it reminds me of how far I, and the rest of the world, have come. Eleven years ago I wouldn't have had a laptop on which to type, nor, frankly, would I have had the wisdom to appreciate the difference even if I had.

More to the point, my company was recently spun off from its parent in an IPO. Normally this wouldn't make much difference to the job of an engineer, but by the time the dust settled I was no longer an engineer; I was instead promoted to manage the new CAD licensing group, which meant my day-to-day job was all about getting the contracts straightened out so that we could spin off cleanly.

As you might imagine, between going to school, a new job, and an unusually busy time in that job, time for blogging has been somewhere between none and zero.

I'’m not entirely creatively stifled, though. I just finished Freakonomics, a light read, but a fun one. Next up is Consciousness Explained; we'll see if it lives up to the title.

I've also got some stuff to write about. Unfortunately for the blog, a lot of my creative energy ends up being funneled into entrepreneurial concepts. I think it's a consequence of business school. I'll be daydreaming about gods know what, and suddenly it will coalesce into some wild-assed scheme. Now if I could just come up with a way to make money off of turning my daydreams into wild-assed schemes, I’d be getting somewhere.

Nonetheless, it'’s definitely not yet all about the Benjamins for me. I've spent a ludicrous amount of time pondering conventional ethics and how they could be improved. My husband thinks I'm wasting my time, but everyone needs a hobby, right?

Current vices: Civilization 4 and, as always, Magic: The Gathering Online. I could be geekier in my vices, but it’s hard to see how!

I do pledge to once again review all the Best Picture Oscar nominees. It'’s the one time in the year I set foot in a theater, and I’m not giving it up just because I'm a little busy. :-)

Until next time,
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