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Sunday, July 31, 2005
Mmm, Sweet and Tasty Admission

I've been admitted to the UC Davis MBA program! Woo!

So, let's do a brief roundup of My Life Since Mid-June:

I did, of course, apply to Davis, and they invited me to interview, which I did on July 15. I had to schedule it so late because...

My parents were here the second week of July, and I didn't want the interview to interfere. A good time was had by all; for my part, I'm finally old enough now that I don't by default start acting like a teenager when I'm around them, which is undoubtedly easier on everyone. Lots of wine, the Obon Festival in San Jose Japantown, good food, good company, and discussion of the Tour de France -- nearly a perfect week. And my mother loves Jasper, and it's mutual, so it was all good.

So I interviewed at Davis on the 15th, and gave a little talk on the history of the Zinfandel grape (they told me the presentation could be on anything so long as it was "not too technical," so I decided to be as non-technical as possible). Then I came back to the office where I'd been working furiously all week on a part that was about to be released from the department, and spent all weekend there. At least I have a sort-of excuse for my lameness in blogging.

And on Wednesday, I got the Magic Packet, with the beautiful, beautiful letter:

"Dear Natalie:

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the Charter Class of the Bay Area MBA Program for Working Professionals." Etc., etc., send us money pronto so we can be sure you're serious.

I have orientation on September 17 and classes start on September 30 (it's every other weekend, Friday and Saturday) and I'm so stoked about going I can hardly stand it!

It's an enormous load off my mind. I feel like suddenly my whole life is ahead of me, grand sweeping vistas of I know not what.

News most excellent and couldn't have happened to a better gal.
¡Muchos congratulaciónos! Enjoy the grand sweeping vistas!
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